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About Me

Skùmaskot combines moody, deep electronic tones with airy vocals, in a style reminiscent of a combination of Billie Eilish and Daughter. The music is tinged with literary fantasy influences (such as J. R. R. Tolkien) as well as epic rhythmic sections like those featured prominently by Imagine Dragons.

The name Skùmaskot is icelandic for “Suspiciously Dark Corners”, and was chosen as a tribute to the band Sigur Rós. Skùmaskot’s album – which will be released as singles during 2021 and was written during the 2020 global pandemic – incorporates gothic urban feels with an indie pop sound and trap influences, while bringing attention to the themes of mental health and anxiety.

A dystopian, post apocalyptic collection of tales from a world that hasn’t quite made it out in one piece, accompanied by oniric, fantastical graphics and a black and white aesthetic.