We’re All Messed Up – New Single

When I was a little girl
I was scared of the monsters
But I didn’t worry cause
I knew it would get better….

I would make no more mistakes
Everything would be just great

….and that’s what we all think, isn’t it?

But does it really get any better? Because what no one tells you is that everyone is really trying to make it up as they go along.

“We’re All Messed Up” is an indie-alternative melancholia song about learning to live with your inner monsters, not feeling good enough, anxiety…but even if your life isn’t perfect (let’s be real, whose is?) it’s still limited edition and worth living.

It’s a cautionary tale, and it reminds us that we should never allow ourselves to judge others because we don’t really know what they’re going through, no matter how perfect their life may seem from the outside.

And it’s really about how we’re all wonderfully, totally messed up, each in a different way; each of us is forced to grow up, moving away from a world where monsters exist only under your bed into another where monsters live with you. They are in your head and in your world. They follow you around and take you by the hand as they look at you and say “hi”.

A silent but continuous presence.

The ups and the downs, just walking around
In circles, in circles but making no sound
‘Cause people don’t listen, it’s just wishful thinking
So pick yourself up, you’re fucked up…but amazing

Live with your monsters, they live with you.